From French director Xavier Gens (Gangs of London, Hitman) comes the action thriller Mayhem! starring kickboxer-turned-actor Nassim Lyes (Overdose).

Synopsis: Sam (Nassim Lyes) is a professional boxer about to be released from prison in France, but while on parole, his past catches up with him and he is forced to flee the country. Five years later, he has rebuilt a simple life on an exotic island in Thailand with his wife Mia and her daughter Dara, working multiple jobs to support his family and buy a piece of land to build a restaurant. As his life begins to improve, a job gone wrong puts Sam in the crosshairs of local crime lord Narong (Olivier Gourmet), who retaliates with brutal violence. Crushed but still alive, Sam is left with only one purpose: to seek merciless and bone-breaking vengeance.

Also starring Olivier Gourmet (Edmond) and Vithaya Pansringarm (Only God Forgives), Mayhem! will be released by IFC Films on January 5, 2024.



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