Stuntwoman turned leading lady Caesar Wiriya (Kate, Extraction) is set to headline her first feature film The 24.

Written and directed by Lee Thongkham (Kitty the Killer) with fight choreography by Felix Betancourt (The Gray Man), the film follows Wiriya as an assassin who wakes up with a time bomb strapped to her body. She has clear instructions to kill a hit list of 24 members of the Bangkok underground, with each successful hit buying her more time alive.

The 24 also features an emsemble cast of martial arts stars including Sakaguchi Tak (One-Percent Warrior), Dan Chupong (Born to Fight), Sunny Pang (The Night Comes for Us) and Simon Kook (Ip Man 3).

The film is open to buyers this week at the Cannes Market by new international sales firm Boz Pictures.

SOURCE: Variety



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