UPDATE: Trailer #2!

UPDATE: Check out the Official Trailer below!

A batch of NEW promotional character posters have been revealed by producer BEY LOGAN (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend) for LADY BLOODFIGHT, a female-driven reboot of Jean Claude Van Damme’s classic ‘Bloodsport’.


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The film is directed by CHRIS NAHON (Kiss Of The Dragon) with fight choreography handled by HUNG YAN YAN aka XIONG XIN XIN (best known for his role as ‘Clubfoot’ in Once Upon A Time In China 3).

Taking on the leading role is martial artist/actress AMY JOHNSTON and co-starring KATHY WU and JET TRANTER.

‘Lady Bloodfight’ follows “Jane, a traveling backpacker in Asia whose exceptional fighting skills are put to the test against hidden forces of evil within “The Kumite”, an all-female underground fight circuit.”

Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: Bey Logan Official Facebook Page, Film Combat Syndicate





  1. Katja Riemann ist -Holldriho! – wieder am Netzt. Und da findet sich was Schönes unter Ãœberschrift "Kritik".Clickt Und so ganz nebenbei: Wir sind noch ein paar Premieren wetr;t(&quoteMännerhort&quoi;, "Honigmond" und – gestern: "Sex – aber mit Vergnügen!"). Es bleibt dabei: Lernen wir, mit den Rätseln zu leben!


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