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After dominating the box office this weekend with ‘Taken 3’, LIAM NEESON is back at it again with another action-thriller RUN ALL NIGHT co-starring ED HARRIS (The Rock), JOEL KINNAMAN (Robocop), and GENESIS RODRIGUEZ (The Last Stand). Check out the first trailer below!

The film follows an aging hitman (Neeson) who is forced to take on his brutal former boss (Harris) to protect his estranged son (Kinnaman) and his family.

run-all-night-joel-kinnaman-liam-neeson-600x450 run-all-night-ed-harris-liam-neeson-600x450 run-all-night-liam-neeson-joel-kinnaman-600x450 liam-neeson-joel-kinnaman-run-all-night-600x450

Directed by JAUME COLLET-SERRA, who previously collaborated with Neeson in ‘Unknown’ (2011) and ‘Non-Stop’ (2014), RUN ALL NIGHT will hit theaters on April 17, 2015!



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