UPDATE: Have a look at the latest China posters!

1382331_931833060219256_95755566318461265_n 12662481_931833066885922_2604645106265317507_n 12647444_10209299598272348_7686535173375249415_n

IP MAN 3 opens in China on March 4th.

UPDATE: Check out the latest U.S. Trailer below! Only 1 week away!

UPDATE: China character posters have been revealed with a China release date set for March 4th!

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Also do not forget that ‘Ip Man 3’ will be opening in the U.S. on January 22nd. Head on over to WELL GO USA for showtimes.

UPDATE: Thailand poster!


UPDATE: Check out this new batch of U.S. character posters for the film below!

donniejpeg-c7322a_765w jinjpeg-0d697d_765w mikejpeg-19b7ff_765w dannyjpeg-0d697c_765w

lynnjpeg-19b800_765w patrickjpeg-19b802_765w


UPDATE: Have a look at these latest images of DANNY CHAN as ‘Bruce Lee’!

12308540_1525914907719013_2498185305732441182_n 12311293_1525914887719015_7934127589279726578_n 12249977_1525914867719017_5147968997183955979_n

UPDATE: Teaser Trailer #2!

The film is set to open in Asia this Christmas and in the U.S. on January 22nd!

UPDATE: Hilarious MIKE TYSON interview on IP MAN 3 (Thanks to DANNY HO for pointing this out!).

11223642_10153030480426571_7865873776479134404_n 12246822_10153032058101571_6710732183828553644_n 12208869_10153032108286571_6200135206432729116_n

UPDATE: The latest TEASER TRAILER for IP MAN 3 is here!

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE on-set image featuring DANNY CHAN as ‘Bruce Lee’ with Donnie Yen’s ‘Ip Man’ and director WILSON YIP!

12086975_10153202040326033_1508262831_n copy

UPDATE: Have a look at the latest poster below along with new images!


12207838_10153021209061571_2119102087_n 12212252_10153021209451571_189800341_n 11219124_1517600908550413_9061659334503138587_n 12189557_1517600878550416_2183649084693557194_n

UPDATE: After some investigation and information from a few sources, we can now CONFIRM that DANNY CHAN (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle) is playing ‘Bruce Lee’ in the film!


As you can see in the poster below, Chan’s name is listed in the cast.


His IMDB page also listed his involvement. No stranger to playing ‘Bruce Lee’, Chan previously portrayed the character in the TV series ‘The Legend Of Bruce Lee’.

With ‘Bruce Lee’ supposedly being in his late teens when he first started training with ‘Ip Man’, there is obviously a major age gap compared to the 40 years old Chan. So our best guess is CGI may STILL be used to de-age Chan to look more like a teenage ‘Lee’. This type of “de-aging” special effects have successfully been done most recently on Michael Douglas in ‘Ant-Man’ and Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Terminator: Genisys’.

Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE: Check out the latest teaser poster for IP MAN 3 from Singapore! (Thanks to our good friend TIGER HENG for the image.)


UPDATE: Contrary to earlier reports, it was brought to my attention that SOME CGI MAY still be used ala ‘Paul Walker’ in ‘Furious 7’. An actor WILL be portraying ‘Bruce Lee’ in the film and CGI may still be added to alter the actor’s face. Here is a message that was sent from Magnum Films to our source:


Thank you to TIGER HENG for passing along this information to us.

Looks like we have to wait until the film comes out this Christmas to see exactly how ‘Bruce Lee’ will be portrayed.

Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE: Magnum Film’s Sam the Man have revealed (via Weibo) that “Bruce Lee” will indeed still be appearing the film and is being portrayed by an actual actor. It will be a small part featuring a fight between ‘Ip Man’ and ‘Bruce Lee’.


UPDATE: It is to no surprise that the planned fully CGI BRUCE LEE will NOT be appearing in the film due to “copywrite issues” from the BRUCE LEE ESTATE. This was confirmed by Sam the Man, Magnum Films, the distributor of Ip Man 3 in Australia and New Zealand, who shared the news on their Weibo (the China-based microblogging service) account.


No words yet on if “Bruce Lee” will be in the film in ANY capacity.

Stay tuned for details.

SOURCE: City On Fire


Look out for the FULL trailer soon!

UPDATE: Latest BTS images featuring martial arts legend LEUNG KA YAN! (Thanks to our friend DANNY HO for the images.)


12049478_10152962319396571_6017321312457686020_n 12032025_10152962319536571_2056601822346000528_n 12074718_10152962336306571_2508099066987993973_n 12072637_10152962319271571_1036276943127638422_n

UPDATE: Check out the POLICY TEASER for IP MAN 3!

UPDATE: Mike Tyson. Check. Max Zhang. Check. Now lets throw in Thai martial artist/stuntman SIMON KUKE aka SARUT KHANWILAI in the mix as well! Kuke is best known for being part of Thai superstar TONY JAA’s stunt team.


For those fans who have been daydreaming about a match-up between Yen and Tony Jaa, this may be the CLOSEST thing we can get to that as far fighting style is concern. Kuke’s moves are very similar to Jaa’s. This will at least give us a taste of what a Yen vs Jaa showdown may potentially look like.

Christmas can not come soon enough!

UPDATE: DONNIE YEN announced via his Official Facebook Page that IP MAN 3 will officially be released this Christmas with the first trailer coming at the end of this month!


In the meantime, feast your eyes on these new images from the film featuring Yen, MIKE TYSON, and MAX ZHANG.

11987004_10153550368454174_3274060861325064116_n 12003951_491232867716667_118114522336605930_n 12004033_491232787716675_4460840563985667840_n 11933421_491232891049998_7456583893319308678_n

11998978_10153550368554174_594988284735666077_n 11816952_10153550368449174_5865302299110702292_n 1611017_860733733995856_4706588377156002475_n 11224004_10152927850886571_8540097072415816704_n

UPDATE: DONNIE YEN recently shared this new image from his Official Facebook Page.


Expect a release date announcement soon!

UPDATE: Production have officially wrapped on IP MAN 3 according to DONNIE YEN’s Official Facebook page!



Expect a trailer soon!



UPDATE: MAX ZHANG vs. DONNIE YEN. (Thanks to DANNY HO for the images.)



UPDATE: Latest image of MAX ZHANG (The Grandmaster, SPL 2) on the set!


UPDATE: More on-set images, this time also featuring fight choreographer YUEN WOO PING directing the action! (Thanks to DANNY HO for the images.)

11265189_10152690095331571_4141253306332935601_n 11032679_10152690093306571_4604834010505403112_n 11063737_10152690093336571_8672799018451462837_n 11026211_10152689812911571_3731708203377039386_n

UPDATE: On-set image featuring DONNIE YEN with MIKE TYSON! (Thanks to DANNY HO for the image.)


UPDATE: Check out these images from the IP MAN 3 promotion in Shanghai featuring the cast and crew! DONNIE YEN vs MIKE TYSON. It is going DOWN! (Thanks to DANNY HO for the update.)

“Mike (Tyson)…you are a true champion and my idol! I would never dare step into the ring with you. But for this film I’m gonna try my very best to make the best fight battle in the history of all martial arts films! Together!” – Donnie Yen

11150484_10152672818486571_520326080212807184_n 11210481_829897137093737_1608792221510247010_n



Along with some more BTS images thanks to DANNY HO!


UPDATE: On-set image of DONNIE YEN in character as ‘Ip Man’ with co-star MAX ZHANG!


UPDATE: On-set images from IP MAN 3 featuring DONNIE YEN with fight choreographer YUEN WOO PING!




UPDATE: Production on IP MAN 3 have hit a snag. BRUCE LEE Estate is seeking to stop the film from featuring his name and likeness. Even though Lee’s brother, ROBERT LEE supports the project and owns the intellectual property rights of Bruce Lee, BLE stated firmly that “Robert Lee does not own or control any intellectual property rights associated with Bruce Lee, including, without limitation, any rights to Bruce Lee’s name, likeness and image. Robert Lee does not represent BLE, nor is he authorized to represent any intellectual property rights in connection with Bruce Lee in any way.”

KRIS STORTI, the COO and general counsel of BLE, added that “BLE intends to seek all remedies available to it to stop Pegasus from including the computer-generated version of Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3.”

Lawyers are now involved to hash things out. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon so production can continue as planned with ‘Bruce Lee’ in the mix.

Stay tuned for updates on this matter!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

UPDATE: During the IP MAN 3 press conference in Shanghai DONNIE YEN was asked if he will continue making action movies as long as he physically can, Yen replied “Right now, the most important question for me is not whether or not my body can handle it, but whether or not a movie has creativity. Thus, Ip Man 3 may indeed be my last action film.”

The magic word is “may”. Yen have quite a few more projects lined up after ‘Ip Man 3’ including ‘The Master’, ‘Dragon City’, and his long awaited Hollywood leading role debut in ‘Noodle Man’. So I highly doubt ‘Ip Man 3’ will be his last action film. Lets just cross our fingers though. The world of martial arts action cinema will not be the same without the Yenster.

SOURCE: Jaynestars

UPDATE: MIKE TYSON have joined the cast of IP MAN 3! Yes. You read that right. Pegasus Motion Pictures confirmed that former heavyweight boxing champion ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson will be duking it out with leading man DONNIE YEN in the epic finale of the ‘Ip Man’ franchise.


Pegasus chairman and ‘Ip Man 3’ producer RAYMOND WONG stated to THR: “Two years ago Mike Tyson opened up a Weibo (the Chinese micro-blogging site) account and the first question he asked was, ‘who is the best fighter in China?’ Someone answered him ‘Donnie Yen,’ and that gave me an idea. For the third installment in the Ip Man series, we want to have an explosive fight, and Mike Tyson versus Donnie Yen fits the bill.”

Tyson is taking on the role of a “property developer who is also a street fighting boxer.”

‘Ip Man 3’ will also be introducing a young BRUCE LEE into the mix but unfortunately producers were unable to find an actor that can match Lee’s screen presence, so they have decided to use “computer graphics to recreate the most authentic Lee in the film.”


Weather this means they will be enhancing an actor with CGI or going 100% CGI, we will just have to wait and see.

‘Ip Man 3’ started filming today in Shanghai, China on a $36 million budget. Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

UPDATE: According to JAYNESTARS, IP MAN 3D director WILSON YIP have asked DONNIE YEN to lose 30 pounds for the film. But Yen stated: “I am around 145 pounds right now, so it’s impossible to lose 30 pounds. Not only will I go to the hospital, I might die!”

30 pounds is a bit much. The lightest Yen have ever been was only 120 pounds.

Production on ‘Ip Man 3D’ is set to start in a few weeks.

UPDATE: MAX ZHANG have joined the cast of IP MAN 3D! He will reunite with fight choreographer YUEN WOO PING after working together on ‘The Grandmaster’. Look out for an epic match up between Zhang and DONNIE YEN!


Zhang can next be seen in SPL 2 with martial arts superstars WU JING and TONY JAA.

SOURCE: City Of Fire

Reported by JAYNESTARS, PEGASUS ENTERTAINMENT will be collaborating with DONNIE YEN’s production company SUPER HERO FILMS for three new projects. Pegasus’ head honcho RAYMOND WONG recently announced those three films to be IP MAN 3D, WESLEY, and THE SEVEN WEAPONS.


IP MAN 3D will once again be directed by WILSON YIP (SPL, Ip Man) with master YUEN WOO PING (Fist Of Legend, Iron Monkey) handling the fight choreography. This will be Woo Ping’s second ‘Ip Man’ project after also working on 2013’s award winning film ‘The Grandmaster’. This third and final installment in the Donnie Yen led ‘Ip Man’ trilogy will finally introduce ‘Bruce Lee’ into the mix. Filming is set to start sometime in March. (Thanks to DANNY HO for the image above.)

WESLEY will be based on the fictional character of the same name created by Chinese novelist/screenwriter Ni Kuang. The character was previously portrayed by Chow Yun Fat in 1986′s ‘The Seventh Curse’ and Sam Hui in 1987′s ‘The Legend of the Wisley’.

THE SEVEN WEAPONS (not to be confused with 2005’s ‘Seven Swords’ also starring Donnie Yen), which was originally a 2010 Wuxia TV series by Gu Long, focuses on seven interconnected stories with individual weapons as the respective themes.

In addition to these three new films, Yen have a number of other projects that have recently wrapped or is in pre-production including ICEMAN 2, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON: THE GREEN LEGEND, THE MASTER, DRAGON CITY, and his Hollywood lead role debut NOODLE MAN with ROBERT DE NIRO and AL PACINO.

Looks like the Yenster will be having one helluva year! At 51 years old, Yen is still going as strong as ever. 2015 could be his biggest year yet!

Stay tuned for more updates!

SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate, City On Fire




  1. Can’t believe I didn’t see this until just today. I hope they change the title Noodle Man to something else. It sounds cheesy. I hope Crouching Tiger is Oscar-worthy and a couple of these other projects might be promising. I’m still waiting to see Kung Fu Jungle! 😀

  2. Hy from Romania. My name is Muranyi Ciprian a Wing Tsun 3 technician level and I have a request. Here I created and event https://www.facebook.com/events/1651551755121722/ maybe not so important but we wish that Ip Man 3 3D could play also in Romanian’s theatres. I spoke with Romania Cinema City ( http://www.cinemacity.ro) from capital Bucharest and Arad my city but they told me to contact someone authorized to bring the movie in our country. I’m also a big fan and want to help about Ip Man celebrity and Wing Tsun, so I dediced to write and ask you nicely if you can help this Romanian dream become real and maybe in 2016 on 22 January we could watch here also Ip Man 3 3D… Thanks and I will wait for a sign in our cinemas !!!

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  5. i am a old lady and i can say that i see most of bruce lee movies and when i watched danny chan do bruce lee i had to com here and search to make sure it was not bruce lee knowing he died, danny chan after watching the others i feel like i am watching bruce lee, what a loss when he died, and i was thinking it probably was over all the beating he took, i would die to see him alive today and still doing his martial art, do to him it has done just like he wanted to make this art knowing trough out the world, and he did, but we have danny chan he is almost like watching bruce lee, in action and looks and body shape, he is great and wish i can see what he looks like today and if he made more movies, also i am a freak for LP man i watched all of his movies and did not realize the young man that beat the beast in a side street while lp man was watching he was danny chan wowwwwwwww i am so excited, i want more of danny chan and need to know how i can find out where he is how he is doing and what he looks like now, thank you


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