WOW. Check out this brand new super gritty (and VERY violent I might add) fan film of POWER RANGERS from producer ADI SHANKAR (Dredd, Lone Survivor), who was also behind the highly praised short-film ‘The Punisher: Dirty Laundry‘.


This ‘Power Rangers’ short is directed by JOSEPH KAHN (Torque) and stars JAMES VAN DER BEEK (YUP! ‘Dawson’ is a frickin’ former Ranger!), KATEE SACKHOFF (Riddick), and WILL YUN LEE (The Wolverine).

If the upcoming actual reboot of ‘Power Rangers’ from Lionsgate is ANYTHING like THIS (which I highly doubt), fans would be in for one hell of a treat. In the meantime, watch this short again. And AGAIN. And AGAIN. Because this is probably the MOST BADASS ‘Power Rangers’ film we will ever get.


Also check out the video below of producer Adi Shankar speaking about “why bootleg the Power Rangers?”

The new ‘Power Rangers’ reboot will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.



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