ONCE UPON A TIME IN VIETNAM is a Vietnamese martial arts fantasy directed by and starring DUSTIN NGUYEN (The Rebel, TV’s 21 Jump Street), VERONICA NGO THANH VAN (The Rebel, Clash), and ROGER YUAN (Lethal Weapon 4, Shanghai Noon).

PLOT: While on a mission to retrieve fugitives in Vietnam, Dao (Dustin Nguyen), a commander in the Emperor’s army, finds himself in the middle of a deadly conflict raging between a tyrannical crime boss, and the peaceful town that he has under his thumb. But when Dao realizes that Anh (Veronica Ngo Thanh Van), the beautiful monk warrior who fled the Emperor’s army is living a secretive new life there, Dao must choose between upholding his oath to the Emperor, and fighting to preserve Anh’s cherished town.

Known as Vietnam’s first foray into the fantasy genre, ‘Once Upon A Time In Vietnam’ continues a string of strong action films (The Rebel, Clash, Blood Letter) to come out of this country in recent years. Thanks to Dustin and Vietnam’s action power couple Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo Thanh Van, this trio have helped put Vietnam action cinema on the map.

Check out the DVD U.S. Trailer below:

SOURCE: Special Thanks to LEE MASON for sharing this with us, who worked on the behind the scene footage that will be included in the DVD’s Special Features.



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