Check out the trailer for the new Indonesian action flick GANGSTER co-starring ‘Mad Dog’ himself, YAYAN RUHIAN (The Raid)!

The film also stars HAMISH DAUD (Supernova: The Knight, the Princess & Shooting Star) and is directed by FAJAR NUGRO (Refrain).

SYNOPSIS: JAMRONI (Hamish Daud – Raihan Khan) has always struggled in his life, never quite fitting in despite trying to do his best to help those around him.

He grows up in a small village near the Volcano Merapi in Yogyakarta. He is picked on by the local thugs and life at home isn’t easy as his father TOHARI (Gunawan Maryanto) is tough on him. Despite that, he finds solace with his childhood friend SARI (Avrilla Sigarlaki – Eriska Rein.) Fate pulls them apart and Jamroni is alone once again.

Years pass and Jamroni finds himself in a situation of mistaken identity. After fighting off some thieves he is caught, thought to be a thief himself. The Chief Cattle Rancher (Dede Yusuf) meets Jamroni and life doesn’t get any easier when Jamroni finds out his father is dying.

As Tohari passes away, he reveals that Jamroni isn’t truly their child and that Sari has been sending Jamroni letters ever since she left Yogyakarta. Jamroni grieves but sets out to find Sari, his childhood love, in Jakarta.

To repay Jamroni, he is brought along on a cattle delivery to Jakarta. Upon arriving at the local ranch a few thugs catch wind of money exchanging hands. When they approach Jamroni, a fight ensues and Jamroni is chased all around town. Jamroni nearly escapes but ends up on the hood of the car of a young woman, RETTA (Nina Kozok), who is pursued by a black SUV. Retta is running away from home after finding out that her father HASTOMO (Agus Kuncoro) had promised his partner AMSAR (Dwi Sasono) that she would marry his younger brother to sweeten a business deal. When Retta finally stops the car, she is abducted by heavily muscled men. Jakarta doesn’t seem to be any kinder to Jamroni.

Hastomo, despite being a powerful man, finds that life at home is getting increasingly stressful as his wife ASTUTI (Dominique Sanda) is distraught over the idea of their daughter being married off to a stranger, without her consent. Assisted by his secretary HANNA (Andrea Bimo), Hastomo tries to find his daughter.

Amsar continues to try to expand his control as a power hungry newcomer with the help of his Second in Command (Kelly Tandiono), along with his large group of local thugs.

SUEB (Ganindra Bimo,) a cold blooded killer, is contracted to find and kill Jamroni. Eventually BANG JANGKUNG (Yayan Ruhian) is also approached by Hanna, his former fling. As Hanna attempts to contact Bang Jangkung she instead runs into his current girlfriend (Dian Sastrowardoyo).

Jamroni continues to protect Retta from whomever poses a threat to her and she seems to grow closer to him, but what of Sari? What will happen to Retta and her father Hastomo if she breaks off her arranged marriage? Will Jamroni be able to overcome all these obstacles in his life? Contract Killers, Gangsters, Thugs, Love. Jamroni’s journey in life continues on.

‘Gangster’ is set to open in Indonesia on August 27th, 2015.

Stay tuned for details on a possible U.S. release!



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