UPDATE: NEW Poster for LUCY! (above)

Check out the new international trailer for director LUC BESSON’s LUCY starring SCARLETT JOHANSSON (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), MORGAN FREEMAN (Unleashed), and CHOI MIN-SIK (Old Boy).

‘Lucy’ is about “a young woman who is forced to become a drug mule and inadvertently manages to absorb the drug she’s carrying into her own system. Rather than landing her in the hospital, the drug gives her superhuman powers, including telekinesis, the elimination of all sensations of pain or discomfort, and the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously.”

The film is set to be release on August 8, 2014!



  1. The Man Himself… Mr. FIFTH ELEMENT “LUC BESSON” is back.

    Finally another amazing shoot ’em up a la Besson style 🙂

    • I know right?! It’s been long over due. Besson’s been producing/writing a lot of projects for the pass few years
      , its about time he’s back behind the camera where he belongs =)


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