UPDATE: Donnie Yen just confirmed that Flashpoint Resurgence is targeted to start production in April.

Kenji Tanigaki (Sakra) is currently in Bangkok, Thailand prepping pre-production, but reports have not confirmed if it is actually for Flashpoint Resurgence or a different project. Confirmation and casting to be announced soon!

Flashpoint Resurgence, a sequel to 2007’s fan favorite was rumored back in 2016 when we interviewed Donnie Yen himself during his press tour for Ip Man 3.

MAAC: Since you were unable to do SPL 2, do you have any plans to do a sequel to any of your other popular contemporary action flicks? Perhaps a follow-up to Flashpoint? 

Donnie Yen: Yes, I will be producing Flashpoint 2.

After 8 long years, die-hard martial arts fans are finally getting a follow-up to one of Yen’s best contemporary actioner. No director has been announced yet, but lets cross our fingers that Ip Man franchise director Wilson Yip (Flashpoint) will be back to take the helm.




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