UPDATE: Check out the U.S. Trailer for the May 8th Blu-Ray/DVD release of PARADOX via Well Go USA.

UPDATE: BTS featurette featuring SAMMO HUNG working his magic!

UPDATE: Have a look at the latest Posters below!

UPDATE: Latest batch of Character Posters!

UPDATE: The latest poster has been released (above) revealing that ‘Paradox’ is actually ‘SPL 3’. Pointed out by ASIAN FILM STRIKE below:

This is quite disappointing since we have been hoping that the originally announced ‘SPL 3: WAR NEEDS LORD’ will unite the original cast members (Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, and Sammo Hung) with the cast of part two (Tony Jaa and Max Zhang) for an epic final installment in the franchise. Guess we just have to hope for a fourth installment in the future.

UPDATE: Latest Poster featuring LOUIS KOO!

A release date is set for August 25th.

UPDATE: FIRST Trailer is here along with the latest images featuring TONY JAA, LOUIS KOO, and GORDON LAM!

According to the Poster, it looks like Jaa is unfortunately only making a “special appearance” in the film.

UPDATE: First official images from the film featuring LOUIS KOO and WU YUE (Cold War 2)!

UPDATE: TONY JAA have officially wrapped up his part on the film and he also revealed that ‘Fate’ have changed its title to PARADOX.

UPDATE: Tony Jaa’s ‘SPL 2: A Time For Consequences’ co-star LOUIS KOO will be joining him in FATE! Check out these images from the traditional opening ceremony for the film below. (Thanks to our good friend DANNY HO for the images.)

14906957_10153813270361571_1019063808342085129_n 14907603_10153813275761571_625197147382501494_n 14595656_10153813277916571_9212540936203084526_n 14908175_10153813280226571_631591727605563362_n

UPDATE: The cast and crew of FATE came together for a dinner before production is scheduled for later this month.

14650208_10153776489201571_382619010447751282_n 14650610_10153776489561571_3961621239125394602_n 14721484_10153776489686571_3711468337000385875_n 14695578_1811395632409830_1553458053662249837_n

As you can see, it looks like martial arts veteran KEN LO (Special I.D.) and current Muay Thai Middleweight World Champion BUAKAW BANCHAMEK have joined the cast!

Combine the talents of these two with TONY JAA and action choreography by the legendary SAMMO HUNG along with director WILSON YIP, ‘Fate’ is bound to create something magical.

Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: Thank you to our good friend DANNY HO for the images.

TONY JAA recently had a taste of what it is like to star in a Hong Kong martial arts production in last year’s highly successful ‘SPL 2: A Time For Consequences’ produced by WILSON YIP (Flashpoint, Ip Man).

He will try to build off of this success by teaming up with Yip once again (who is taking on directing duties this time around) in the upcoming action thriller FATE. Coming along for the ride will be none other than the legendary SAMMO HUNG (SPL). Hung’s role is solely behind the camera as he is set to be the action choreographer for the film. His most recent work includes ‘The Bodyguard’, ‘The Monkey King 2’, and ‘Call Of Heroes’.

Nothing is known about the plot or other cast members at the moment. Stay tuned for more details as production is scheduled to start this October.

SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate







  1. This will be the second time with a cooperation between Wilson Yip and Tony Jaa after SPL 2. Considering that Yip and Yen has four planned movies together, it starts to be a bit exciting to see, whether we’re in for another movie (after XXX) where Tony and Donnie are pairing up, or not. Why not Ip Man 4 since Donnie has hinted that already, maybe as a joke, but still. Flash Point 2 ????? Well, it seems like DY thinks that he’s still 35 (considering his working tempo), so who knows. Maybe Tony is the MA star, who’s going to take over after DY, when he figures out he might quit. I hope he stays for another decade though. To be honest, nobody can replace Donnie Yen, who is the best MA actor of all time, in my opinion. Donnie Yens excellent MA skills, in combination with his own unique and spectacular action choreography, where only the sky is the limit, plus his rare acting abilities, are what make him so magical. He is the GOAT. Thank you and have a nice day!
    Mona from Sweden


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