UPDATE: Character Posters!

UPDATE: The FULL Trailer has been released along with the latest Poster!

LOI BAO opens in Vietnam on December 12th.

UPDATE: Check out the latest Poster below!

From acclaimed Vietnamese director VICTOR VU (Blood Letter, Scandal), who have dabbled in multiple genres from comedy, horror, to period epics, comes the action thriller LOI BAO.

The film stars CUONG SEVEN (Truy Sat) and NHA PHUONG (Qua Tim Mau) with action choreography by veteran Hollywood stunt performer VINCENT WANG (Marvel’s Dr.Strange, The Great Wall).

As seen in the poster and the teaser, it looks like free-running/parkour may be prominently showcase in the film. Combine this with Vu’s visual flair, Vietnam may have another winner here in the action department.

‘Loi Bao’ is set for release on December 12th, 2017.

Stay tuned for more details.



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