The trailer for Brunei’s first martial arts commercial film YASMINE is finally here! Check it out below:

PLOT: Love is never an easy matter, especially for Yasmine. The boy of her dreams, Adi is back in town but he hooks up with Dewi, her longtime rival. Tired of her school and tied up in an underdog Silat club, she decides to take matters into her own hands and start leading the team. At first, Yasmine’s secret activities are well hidden. However, when her father eventually finds out, he decides once and for all to save Yasmine from what he believes to be her downfall.

‘Yasmine’ stars LIYANA YUS in the title role with former Jackie Chan Stunt Team member CHAN MAN CHING (Hellboy 2) handling the action choreography. The film is set to be release on August 21st.

SOURCE: Film Combat Syndicate



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