After the massive box office success of ‘Wolf Warrior 2’, the final installment in the trilogy is inevitable. Director and lead actor WU JING spoke recently regarding WOLF WARRIOR 3, which was always planned as a trilogy 10 years ago.

“What should I do with Wolf Warrior 3? I have no idea about how to shoot it yet. The world has changed, geopolitical situations have changed, China has changed, and some countries have even changed presidents several times already. The script doesn’t work anymore. I need to reshuffle the deck. The main thing I want to show will still be family and national sentiments, and I owe the audience a resolution to the romance [between the two main characters] in Wolf Warrior 1.”

(SPOILER ALERT) As you may have seen in the after-credit scene at the end of ‘Wolf Warrior 2’, YU NAN’s character is very much alive. How will this effect his new found relationship with CELINA JADE’s ‘Rachel’? We will just have to wait to found out.

Stay tuned for more details.

SOURCE: Asian Movie Pulse



  1. please release it fast after seen Wolf worrior 1 and 2 I’m so deeply excited and desperate to see part 3 a special request please release it fast fast please


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