UPDATE: See the FULL movie now!

From LAW GRAVITY Ltd & JLP Films comes the action packed short film THE DIVISION directed by and starring JEAN-PAUL LY, the break out star from the hit Cambodian action comedy ‘Jailbreak’.

SYNOPSIS: Set throughout the course of one day in London, Jake and Lance, members of the extreme special forces unit ‘The Division’, strive to save the city from terrorist attacks in a race against time.

Starring alongside Ly is Laurent Plancel, Hugo Nicolau, Richard Darnton, Toni Ash, Antti Hakala, Lisa Ronaghan, Phoebe Robinson, Mike Hoad, Stephanie Bailey Wright, Hung Dong, and Jane Elsmore.

The 30 minute short is set to premiere later this month via private screenings in London.

Stay tuned.



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