Stuntman turned leading man JEAN-PAUL LY, star of the hit Cambodian martial arts comedy ‘Jailbreak’, is set to take action to another level in 14 FISTS.

The film will be produced and distributed by Ascendant Releasing with Bart Ruspoli (Devil’s Playground, Genesis) at the helm. Ruspoli stated: “We’re extremely excited to continue our collaboration with Jean-Paul Ly, whose star is on a meteoric rise. We are planning on creating some truly epic action sequences in 14 Fists and have the likes of the John Wick franchise squarely in our sights.”

Ly added: “14 Fists is the opportunity I was always looking for, as I’m finally able to bring in my main international team to create a unique action design. I am very glad to work with Bart as we share the same vision and goal, by building something exceptional.”

Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, catch Ly in the upcoming ‘Nightshooters’ opening in UK cinemas and on digital platforms July 27th. See the Trailer HERE.



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