Have a look at the brand new character posters for the upcoming TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie! ‘Leonardo’ can be viewed above and the other three (‘Michelangelo’, ‘Raphael’, and ‘Donatello’) below:

10378915_773001542744988_4088351115194143265_n 10409736_773082879403521_1000308006865725025_n large_donatello_purple_4yKv9hYtFQJujGs

Also revealed is the ALL NEW 2nd Trailer:

TMNT is directed by JONATHAN LIEBESMAN (Wrath Of The Titans), produced by MICHAEL BAY (Transformers), starring MEGAN FOX (Transformers) as reporter ‘April O’Neil’, comedian WILL ARNETT as cameraman ‘Vernon Fenwick’, WILLIAM FICHTNER (Elysium) as villain ‘The Shredder’, and featuring the voices of JOHNNY KNOXVILLE (Jackass) as turtle’s leader ‘Leonardo’ and TONY SHALHOUB as ‘Master Splinter’.

The heroes in the half-shell will hit theaters on AUGUST 8th!

What do you think of the turtle’s new look? Comment below!

SOURCE: TurtleReveal.com

UPDATE: NEW International Poster!




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