Inspired by classic 80s/90s “Girls with Guns” Hong Kong action flicks such as the In The The Line Of Duty series and every martial arts film starring the likes of Cynthia Rothrock, Cynthia Khan, Michelle Yeoh, and Moon Lee, Australian-Vietnamese stunt-woman turned leading lady Maria Tran (Truy Sat) is back at it again with the action short parody Tiger Cop: Toilet Paper Hero.

Tran stated:

“The short has come about due to the unique rush on hoarding toilet paper in Australia. When we saw the toilet paper crisis unfold in the media, and people literally fighting over toilet paper, this was seen as the perfect platform to make commentary on the current state of things and also poking fun at the toilet paper crisis. Our aim was to show off local Australian talent in martial arts acting and fight choreography. We have done this by bringing back our 5 Minute Cinema concept, and are pleased to present Tiger Cop: Toilet Paper Hero.”

Written, directed and edited by frequent collaborator Adrian Castro, the action short also stars David Hong and Takashi Hara.

Stay home, stay safe, and use your toilet paper wisely!




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