Hong Kong film Where The Wind Blows has been pulled from the 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival’s opening selection.

Originally scheduled to make its premiere at the annual film festival, the film has been cancelled on March 29th citing “technical reasons” according to Screen Daily.

In a more detailed report by The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s censorship issues with mainland China may be the main reason for the last-minute pull, as “technical problems” have become a common response to last-minute revisions.

Where The Wind Blows takes place in Hong Kong in the 1960’s, during the rise of corruption between Hong Kong police force and triads.

Originally titled as Theory of Ambitions, the film stars Hong Kong veteran superstar Aaron Kwok as Lui Lok, a former Hong Kong Detective Staff Sergeant notorious for his corruption acts during the 60’s through mid-70’s.

Kwok stars alongside Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, another popular Hong Kong veteran actor best known for his roles in Infernal Affairs and The Grandmaster. Leung plays Nam Kong, another notorious police sergeant working alongside Lok (played by Kwok).

Where The Wind Blows is not the only 60’s/70’s Hong Kong true crime film-inspired coming soon.

Money Empire starring Louis Koo and Tony Leung Ka-Fai, about the ICAC crackdown on the 60’s Hong Kong Police Force, is set for release in April 2021.

Kowloon Walled City starring Max Zhang, Louis Koo, and Richie Ren, about the rise and fall of a gangster and martial artist in recluse at the infamous slum after a hostile fight with a former boss, is set to begin production shortly.



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