Dean Shek, a Hong Kong veteran actor with more than 90 credits to his name, has died. He was 71 years old.

Shek began his career at Shaw Brothers studio in 1968, with his first appearance in the 1969 film, Twin Blades of Doom. He left Shaw Brothers in 1973 and worked with the likes of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung on period epics such as Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master.

In 1980, he co-founded Cinema City & Films Company with Karl Maka (Aces Go Places) and Raymond Wong (All’s Well Ends Well). Cinema City was responsible for many 80’s hits such as A Better Tomorrow trilogy with Shek co-starring in the second film.

The film company defunct in 1991 after financial issues and Raymond Wong continued the legacy when he established Mandarin Motion Pictures and Pegasus Motion Pictures a year later.

Shek retired from acting after he produced the 1992 film, Angel Hunter.

He made a brief appearance recently in the 2016 film, The Bodyguard starring Sammo Hung (Ip Man 2) and Andy Lau (Shock Wave 2).

According to Oriental Press Group, Shek was diagnosed with cancer two months prior to his death and succumbed to his illness on October 31st.



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