UPDATE: The film will be getting a limited theatrical release on September 18th!


Check out the new trailer for THE MARTIAL ARTS KID starring martial arts stars DON ‘THE DRAGON’ WILSON (Bloodfist) and CYNTHIA ROTHROCK (Righting Wrongs)!

In the vein of ‘The Karate Kid’, this film follows a troubled teen from Cleveland who experiences bullying in Cocoa Beach, he soon learns Martial Arts from his uncle (Wilson) and aunt (Rothrock) to gain confidence and self-defense skills.

‘The Martial Arts Kid’ is directed by MICHAEL BAUMGARTEN (The Guest House) and also stars JANSEN PANETTIERE (The Perfect Game) and KATHRYN NEWTON (Paranormal Activity 4). Fight choreography is handled by JAMES LEW (Big Trouble in Little China).

SOURCE: City On Fire



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