UPDATE: Check out this fight clip featuring a glimpse at SCOTT ADKINS as ‘Lucian’ in-action!

Also take a behind-the-scene look via Adkins’ official Instagram:

B Movie roll footage of Lucian vs Strange from #doctorstrange

A video posted by Scott Adkins (@thescottadkins) on

DOCTOR STRANGE opens in theaters November 4th.

UPDATE: SCOTT ADKINS shared (via Facebook) a FIRST LOOK at his character alongside main baddie Mads Mikkelsen. Looks like he is playing one of the henchman.


UPDATE: Trailer #2!


For a minute there I thought I was watching a trailer for ‘Inception 2’. From the choice of music to the crazy visuals, the director definitely borrowed a few things from Christopher Nolan.

UPDATE: Have a look at the official poster!


UPDATE: Check out the FIRST official images from DOCTOR STRANGE via ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY!


doctor-is-in-ew-008 mystery-strange-ew-001 mystery-room-strange-008 mystical-hands-strange-009

Directed by SCOTT DERRICKSON (Deliver Us From Evil), Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE boost an impressive cast including BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH (Star Trek: Into Darkness) as the heroic ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ aka ‘Stephen Strange’, CHIWETEL EJIOFOR (The Martian) as ‘Baron Mordo’, MICHAEL STUHLBARG (Men In Black 3) as ‘Dr. Nicodemus West’, TILDA SWINTON (Snowpiercer) as ‘the Ancient One’, along with MADS MIKKELSEN (Casino Royal) and RACHEL MCADAMS (The Notebook) in unspecified roles.

Now they have upped the ante on the ‘badassness’ of the film by casting martial arts star SCOTT ADKINS (The Expendables 2, X-Men Origins: Wolverine)!

Details on Adkins’ role is currently unknown but is said to involve ‚Äúseveral major action scenes featuring hand-to-hand combat.”

Fans have been garnering for Adkins to potentially play martial arts super hero ‘Iron Fist’ and rumors are already circulating that this unspecified role MAY be what fans are waiting for.


‘Iron Fist’ certainly fits into ‘Dr. Strange’ mystical nature.

Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: The Wrap



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