UPDATE: Pre-order your DVD copy of THE DEBT COLLECTOR here! It is set for release on June 5th.

UPDATE: The first Trailer is here!

Director JESSE V. JOHNSON (Accident Man, Triple Threat) is once agin teaming up with leading man SCOTT ADKINS (Boyka: Undisputed) for the fifth time with the upcoming action thriller THE DEBT COLLECTOR.

SYNOPSIS: A classically trained martial artist (Adkins) goes to work as a debt collector for the mob. The job seems easy enough, until one “client” pulls him into a situation deeper than could ever be expected.

The film co-stars LOUIS MANDYLOR (Escape From Ensenada), MICHAEL PARE (Gangster Land), VLADIMIR KULICH (The Equalizer), ROBERT RUSLER (The Unwilling), SELINA LO (Triple Threat), DAVID WILLIAM NO (The Matrix Reloaded), and TONY TODD (Candyman).

‘The Debt Collector’ is set for release this June. Stay tuned for a Trailer soon.



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