During a press conference for Ip Man 4 in Beijing, martial arts superstar Donnie Yen (Ip Man franchise) confirms that this 4th installment will be his final “Kung Fu” film. The 56-years-old Yen stated:

“As an actor and filmmaker, I have made so many movies, some that people love and some that people don’t love. On this challenging road, I filmed a number of kung fu films that are about the same. As an actor, you must keep going forward. This is something that I must do in life; I must keep exploring to grow. This is the meaning of life, so I am very grateful Ip Man 4: The Finale is my final kung fu movie. I hope it can be written on a valuable page in Chinese film history, and I will continue my journey as an actor.”

Do not be too disappointed as Yen specifically said Ip Man 4 is his last Kung Fu film, not his final action film. He will continue to make contemporary action movies with martial arts such as the upcoming Raging Fire directed by Benny Chan.

Make sure to catch Yen in his final Kung Fu epic Ip Man 4 opening in select U.S. theaters this Christmas.

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