UPDATE: Angry Troll Studios reached out to us stating that no contracts has been signed with Van Damme regarding his involvement with the project. They did confirm the following actors are officially on-board: Danny Trejo, Tom Arnold, Clifton Powell, Michael Paré, Costas Mandylor, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., former NBA star Olden Polynice and Robert Crayton.

SOURCE: Angry Troll Studios

Martial arts superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme (We Die Young) is set to hunt a serial killer in the upcoming horror actioner The Legend Of Johnny Jones.

From director Massimiliano Cerchi (Mayday) and with a screenplay by Matthew “Ghost” Clark, the film is set “in the housing projects of New Jersey, a young Johnny Jones has only known poverty and abuse his entire life. Pushed to the edge, Johnny Jones suffers a mental breakdown and goes on a killing spree like none other in history, leaving a wake of death and carnage wherever he goes. As tensions and murder continue to get worse, the city calls Detective Cutchin (Jean-Claude Van Damme) to take over the case and bring Johnny Jones to justice.

The film features Robert Crayton (Ant-Man) as Johnny Jones along with an ensemble cast that includes Danny Trejo (Machete), Kevin Sorbo (TV’s Hercules), Michael Paré (Streets Of Fire), Costas Mandylor (Saw III), Tom Arnold (True Lies), Clifton Powell (Deep Rising), Siren Mistfall, and Mischa Renee.

This is the first film in a planned trilogy that would also cross over into two other franchises (Detour 95 and The Street Avenger) being developed by Angry Troll Studio.





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