M.A.A.C. would like to wish JOHN WOO, one of the most influential action director in the business, the master of ‘bullets ballet’, a Happy 68th Birthday!

Woo is best known for directing Hong Kong’s ‘heroic bloodshed’ films with lead actor CHOW YUN-FAT in action classics such as HARD BOILED, A BETTER TOMORROW, and THE KILLER. He basically invented the ‘double-fisted guns’ trademark of the action genre.

chow-yun-fat 3pic_bg

Woo made his Hollywood debut in the early 90s with HARD TARGET starring martial arts action star JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME.


He then went on to work with Hollywood heavyweights such as TOM CRUISE in MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 2 and NICOLAS CAGE and JOHN TRAVOLTA in arguably his BEST Hollywood film to date, FACE/OFF.



Look out for Woo to team up with director TSUI HARK for two upcoming new projects in the vein of ‘A Better Tomorrow’. Read more about it here.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JOHN WOO and we hope to be seeing more double-fisted guns and slow-mo doves for many more years to come!



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