UPDATE: The first Poster (above) has been released revealing a new title: ASSASSINS & THE MISSING GOLD.

UPDATE: Check out the latest images featuring MAX ZHANG, ADA CHOI, and XIONG XIN XIN.

From director JEFF LAU (A Chinese Odyssey) comes the martial arts film HEAVYWEIGHT ASSASSIN starring rising star MAX ZHANG (Ip Man 3), ANDY ON (Special ID), and ADA CHOI (Fist Of Legend).

The film follows “a group of assassins attempting to track down a stash of hidden gold.”

Famously known as ‘Clubfoot’ and for doubling Jet Li in ‘Once Upon A Time In China 3’, XIONG XIN XIN is set to handle the fight choreography while also co-starring in the film.

Not much is known about the plot at the moment. Stay tuned for more details.

SOURCE: Asian Film Strike


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