MAAC Review: Dark Asset

The trailer for sci-fi actioner Dark Asset didn’t exactly blow me away, but it had some things going in its favor that at least...


Having been delayed for almost a year I think it’s safe to say that Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is one of the most anticipated films...

MAAC Review: Operation Fortune – Ruse De Guerre

Due for release at the start of last year before being unceremoniously pulled from distribution at the last minute, Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre...

MAAC Review: American Born Chinese

For years it has been a popular trope to partner the coming of age story with the fantasy genre. Some of the most successful...

MAAC Review: Operation Seawolf

Judging by his previous films as a director, I think it's safe to say that Steven Luke is a fan of war movies. Having...

MAAC Review: Fast X

The world’s best street racers are back again to save the world in Fast X, an enjoyably silly adventure that turns out to be...

MAAC Review: Black Panther – Wakanda Forever

There has been an abundance of Marvel content throughout 2022 with varying degrees of success. Amongst these was the theatrical releases of Doctor Strange...

MAAC Review: 3 Days In Malay

Before I get into my review for 3 Days in Malay, I think I need to explain that I didn’t view the film as...

MAAC Review: Eye For An Eye – The Blind Swordsman

Back in the mid 90’s, action superstar Jet Li starred in several Hong Kong classics. Two of these especially stood out to me at...

MAAC Review: Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny

Nostalgia. It can be a double edged sword for a film. Although the return of a beloved character or franchise can certainly help sell...

MAAC Review: The Flash

Taking inspiration from DC’s Flashpoint, Andy Muschietti’s The Flash follows on from the events of Justice League (2017), where the Scarlet Speedster has become...

MAAC Review: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Looking at the blockbusters released so far in 2023, there is a clear difference in quality amongst them. They have ranged from the sublime...

MAAC Review: Ghosted

Action comedy Ghosted isn’t exactly the film that I would have expected from Dexter Fletcher. His short filmography is peppered with different types of...

MAAC Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3

One of the more hotly anticipated MCU titles, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 marks the final chapter for the franchise, at least with this...

MAAC Review: The Marvels

I don’t think many would argue if I said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is going through something of a rocky patch at...

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